Quality of Life Matters

Georgia Tech is located in the heart of Atlanta. Did you know that Atlanta is the least-dense large city (>3M people) in the entire world? We also live in the world’s largest urban forest. It is a mecca for people from all over the south and, in fact, from all over the country. They come because Atlanta is a great place to live. We love it here. It is our home and it is where we will create our lives. [Read more...]

Embrace Failure

One of the things that differentiates the business culture in the US from most of the rest of the world is our tolerance for and acceptance of failure. Having a business go south is not a permanent mark, preventing you from ever trying again. In fact, it is thought of as a learning experience. The only people who never fail are the lucky. [Read more...]

The Cutting Edge

What makes University-based startups different? The answer is they start from a place of great technology. Amazing research done in the labs being brought out to the world. But this usually means it is on the cutting edge, sometimes called the bleeding edge. [Read more...]

VentureLab welcomes Michael Hersh, new GM of ATDC

VentureLab welcomes Michael Hersh to Georgia Tech and his new role as General Manager of the ATDC.


ATDC and Venturelab have always been close. Both part of Ga Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute. We even share the second floor of Centergy in Technology Square. While the ATDC focuses on the technology community at large in Georgia, we focus inwardly at technology developed at Ga Tech. [Read more...]

How does the new patent law affect University researchers?

Thanks to John Lanza of Foley for presenting to a full house on 12/5/2011.