NSF I-Corps

In 2012, the Georgia Institute of Technology was named as one of two inaugural regional nodes for the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps Program (I-Corps). This groundbreaking grant program by the NSF was designed to support commercialization of technologies developed as a result of NSF sponsored research.

As a regional node, Georgia Tech delivers the I-Corps curriculum to researchers and students from around the country. Ga Tech created a teaching team for the curriculum with both permanent and rotating instructors. Georgia Tech is also experimenting with the program, learning new ways to teach and drive entrepreneurship. The Georgia Tech teaching teams has run four cohorts of the I-Corps program, instructing over 100 teams of researchers, professors and students from research Universities throughout the US.

The NSF I-Corps curriculum is taught several times a year at each of the I-Corp Regional Nodes:

  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • University of Michigan
  • Bay Area – UC Berkeley, UCSF, Stanford
  • Washington – U of Maryland, Virginia Tech, George Washington U
  • New York – NYU, Columbia, SUNY

The Georgia tech teaching team consists of the following:

Core teaching team

  • John Bacon – IP2Biz
  • Paul Freet – VentureLab
  • Keith McGreggor – VentureLab


  • Steve Chaddick
  • Jim Stratigos
  • Julie Collins
  • Stephen Renda

The goal of the grant is to achieve a product demonstration by the end of the six-month program. Participation also requires attendance at a 3-day in person kickoff meeting, followed by five webinars, and an in-person “demo day” showcase. I-Corps teams are comprised of the following:

  • Entrepreneurial Lead (usually a post-doc or grad student)
  • Principal Investigator
  • Mentor (domain expert volunteer)

To qualify, the PI must have received an NSF award in the last five years.

The following teams from Georgia Tech have participated in I-Corps:

Location PI Entrepreneurial Lead Industry mentor
Fall 2011 Stanford Beth Mynatt (CoC) Jiten Chhabra Paul Freet
Spring 2012 Stanford Ionnis Brilakis (CE) Habib Fathi Stacy Scopano
Summer 2012 Georgia Tech Nick Feamster (CoC) Russell Clark Marc Brown
Summer 2012 Georgia Tech David Anderson (ECE) Joel Jackson Drayton Avera
Summer 2012 Georgia Tech Ayana Howard (ECE) Hae Won Park Robert Casas
Summer 2012 Georgia Tech Mary Jean Harrold (CoC) George Baah Jennifer Bonnet
Fall 2012 Michigan Anthony Yezzi (ECE) Balaji Ganapathy
Navdeep Dahiya
Ben Hill
Fall 2012 Michigan Ashok Goel (CoC) Swaroop Vattam Russell Clark
Winter 2013 Arlington, VA Krista Walton (ChBE)
David Sholl (ChBE)
Bogna Grabicka Ben Hill
Spring 2013 New York Jennifer Hasler (ECE) Paul Smith
Shubha Ramakrishnan
Tom Darbonne
Spring 2013 New York Gregory Abowd (CoC) Yi Han Peter Abowd
Summer 2013 Bay Area Bernard Kippelen (ECE) James Hsu
Canek Fuentes-Hernandez
Harold Solomon
Winter 2014 Bay Area Kishore Ramachandran Mungyung Ruy Gareth Genner


If you are interested in participating in the NSF I-Corps program, please contact your VentureLab Principal for more details. To learn more:

Fact sheet


Ready to apply? Here are a few tips.

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