circle6Since its founding in 2001, VentureLab has supported the creation of hundreds of startups based on Georgia Tech research. Many have been acquired or IPOd, and many are still operating independently.

Our newer startups are often eager to meet potential customers, partners, mentors, and investors. If you’d like to get in touch with any of our startups, contact us and we’ll make an introduction.


Olfactory Sensor Sensor used as assistive olfactory (sense of smell) device
EarSketch Teaching computer science through code-based music composition
Infrastructure Asset Management, Repair, and Recovery Software for optimizing infrastructure resilience
BitBlox Electronics kit for STEM education
ZnO UV Nanosensors Ultra-sensitive Schottky-barrier-enabled ultra-violet sensors
NanoCliq Streamline testing for vaccine candidates


Plasmonic Sensor Fabrication of Self-Aligned Multi-Layer Plasmonic Structures Using Spin-On Dielectric Materials
Sensooda Airframe sensors for rust and fatigue
Nano Particle Drug Delivery RNA therapeutic delivery Virus Like Particle
LIASSID Leveraging Involuntary Analog Signals for Securing Internet-of -Things Devices
WEAV3D Additive manufacturing method tunes composite properties over entire part surface
PanXome Computationally matching drugs to off-label indications
Fortiphyd Detecting bad actors on industrial control networks
Wemarathon Applying aerospace process methodologies for full lifecycle building energy management
FraudScope Detecting fraud in medical insurance claims data
Chromanostics Low-cost micronutrient diagnostic test
Prostate Diagnostic Diagnostic on chip for any cancer
Crane Control Crane control system
AirBox Platform supporting location-optimized deployment and management of mobile application services
Aligned Crystals Semiconductor crystal alignment for UV chips
Wi-Sense Mobile air pollution sensor


DecisionIQ Prognostics and optimization analytics for industrial equipment
TC Poly Polymer nanowire improving heat transfer
Toolset for Lifetime Evaluation of Circuits and Systems Software for predicting circuit failures
Emrgy Compact hydroelectric power generators reduce energy costs 10-30%
Grubbly Farms Upcycles pre-consumer food waste to produce insect-based source of protein for animals
Cognopsi Semantic processing of natural language documents
Diligent Droids Robotics for hospital supply distribution
Mechanix Educational support tools for teaching science
Cognosos Advanced, low power, wide area network for the Internet of Things
Lymphatec Early stage Lymphadema diagnostic


CameRad Technologies Add patient image to radiology images to reduce errors
Pointivo 3D modeling technology
Gimme Vending Wireless vending machine data gathering and reporting
MoQuality Automated test generation and execution for mobile apps
AdeptDC Big savings on data center cooling costs through machine learning
Prosumer Grid Internet-like control architecture and control software system for the electric power grid
Tumor Monorail Tumor Monorail
Quest Renewables Solar racking
Epigenetic DNA Sensor 12 lead diagnostic on chip for cancer - methylated DNA
FullScaleNANO Dimensional analysis, including sizes and shapes, of nanomaterials
High Surface Area Carbon Electrodes High-Power Li-ion Batteries from High Surface-Area Carbon Electrodes
Assistive Device Integrated Input iPhone Remote for Vision Impaired
Artificial Platelets Synthetic platelets for improved massive hemorrhage clotting
AGL Algorithms for measurement of animal behaviors
CellectCell Human adult mesenchymal stem cells purification
Kidney Injury Dysfunction Support (KIDS) Continuous renal replacement therapy device for pediatric patients
Clean Hands Safe Hands Device to improve hand hygiene compliance


DHX Electric Machines 10 HP Electric Motor the size of a coffee cup
Inmondo Tech MOFs (Metal Organic Frameworks)
TiSES Triboelectric nanogenerators that can convert ambient mechanical energy into electricity
Vertera Spinal implant based on PEAK material surface geometry
BetterWalk Simple, safe, comfortable crutches
Mavric Semiconductor Ultra power-efficient, biologically-inspired, integrated circuit architectures
Bionic Sciences Assistive technology to interface with numerous devices
Ipsum Nano, LLC Filtration technology providing longer protection against ammonia


Carbice Carbon nanotubes for thermal management
Lumense Chemical and bilogical sensors
Sophia Bioscience HDACi cancer prostate
Zyrobotics Wireless tablet control for people with limited fine motor skills
DDM Systems Repair and additive manufacturing of high value metal components
SoftWear Automation Automation of traditional sewing process
Terminal Velocity Aerospace Reentry data collection and small payload recovery services
Skytree Analytics Applying machine learning to very large datasets
Ratrix Technologies Improved performance and coverage of MIMO-based communication systems


Lukari BME
Amniox Medical Tissue Preservation BME LifeSciences
StarMobile Rapid mobilization platform for enterprise applications
Polaritek Systems Photovoltaic wafer inspection
Pindrop Security Enterprise solutions to secure phone and voice communications
Sinoora Spectroscopy Sensor Sinoora
Usable Health Meal recommendation system for people with special dietary needs.
Clearside Biomedical Microneedle ocular drug delivery


Digital Vision Technology for providing superior vision and improved treatment options
General Genomics Gaucher computational phylogenic-derived therapeutics
Merlin Mobility Mobile app enables companies to deliver remote technical support
ChemCore Therapeutics Autocatalytic drug delivery vehicles
Rosen ME PulseFlow Pump Family Pump LifeScience
Soneter Non-invasive water meters
Tissue Interrogation Device Handheld tissue interrogation device detects pressure ulcers
AlpZhi Rosen FMSL AlpZhi, Inc.
Sila Nanotechnologies Si-C nanocomposites for high capacity Li-ion batteries
CoolClouds IC cooling
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) Probes Hydrocyanine reactive oxygen species probes for medical diagnostics
Realtime Handheld Multispectral Imager Realtime handheld multispectral imager for early stage pressure ulcer detection
XFCT Systems Benchtop X-ray fluorescence computed tomography system for molecular imaging of small animals
ME Ku Pneumonia Check Lifesciences Med Device CDC GT Pneumonia


Medivity Endoscopic Abdominal Access via NOTES Approach
Intelligent Access Wireless personal captioning system
Khush Intelligent music applications for mobile phones
Security Axioms Novel host-based anti-malware solution based on virtual machine monitoring and memory analysis technologies.
UrjaNet Data and tools for optimizing energy use and cost
Whisper Communications Method for encoding data to prevent unauthorized reading of RFID or Wifi
Micron Biomedical Microneedle patches for influenza and polio vaccines
NanoGrip Mechanically-activated instruments for micromanipulation
OpenCell Electrosonic ejector microarrays for intracellular delivery of nanomaterials


Acellular tissue regeneration Acellular matrices derived from embryonic stem cells for soft tissue regeneration
Apica Cardiovascular Portfolio of three mitral valve-related patent applications.
MetaboScan Diagnostics Discovery and application of metabolic biomarkers for early diagnosis of cancer
Cell Constructs Developing technology to eliminate hypertrophic and keloid scars
Lena Biosciences Miniature diagnostic, microfluidic multiwell plates for cell based assays in vitro: The development and integration of synthetic 3D scaffolds
Nanotailored Carbon Fibers Enhanced carbon fibers through the use of nanotubes
Syzygy Shape-memory polymers for personal listening devices
RideCell Rider matching using cellular devices
uSenso Simple, low-cost tracking of people and assets inside a building


ZooZ Mobile Gesture-based mobile music studio
Regeneration Matrix Device to bridge peripheral nerve gaps
Transmium Neurotransmitter-based biomaterials for restoration of nerve function
Axion Biosystems Cell-based neurological assay system for drug discovery.
Polyketals Delivery and sustained release of therapeutic drugs
Qoil Change your oil, not your engine
SpherIngenics Cell microencapsulation for craniofacial reconstruction and aesthetic procedures
Sub-Micro Magnetic particles to remove cancer metastases or blood-borne viruses
TASSER Informatics Informatic tools for drug discovery
Trivalve Cardiac valve repair technology
Pramana Safeguarding online Human Interaction
Inquus First online social marketplace for e-learning
Climate Forecast Applications Probabilistic weather forecasting models for 10 day to 30 day horizon.
Suniva High-efficiency silicon photovoltaic cells


InSiAva Silicon light emitters for high bandwidth datacomm & inexpensive chemical/bio sensors
ProSpect Photonics Inexpensive & robust spectrometers using volume holograms
VersaQ Flexible, conformal & reconfigurable RF components and subsystems
VQLink Innovations in video quality: monitoring, reporting and enhancement
Adaptive Flight High-performance flight control system for UAVs.
CorSynergy Medical device to directly connect left ventricle with the descending aorta
Piezodyne Nanoscale generator for powering small devices and bio-sensors.
BlindSpot Actively disabling digital cameras/camcorders in restricted spaces
Damballa Botnet malware mitigation system
Innovolt Innovative power protection
MedShape Medical devices primarily for use in minimally invasive surgery
Plum Combustion Low-emissions combustion technology for power generation, aircraft propulsion, and industrial and domestic heating processes
Qualtre High performance, low-cost, highly integrated, and low-power MEMS inertial sensors
Sentrinsic Adding intelligence to industrial and mobile equipment
Zenda Technologies Portable immersive platform for rapid neuropsychological testing


Asankya Enabling high-quality real-time content over the Internet
AxoTect Therapeutic products for preventing chemotherapy-induced nerve damage
E-System Design Electronic Design Automation (EDA) platform
InterCAX Software modules linking CAD, modelers and SysML
Nuventix Thermal management solutions for computer and consumer electronics markets
Verco Materials Dense, complex-shaped boron carbide for armor and wear applications
Virtual Aerosurface Technologies Small-scale actuators for aerodynamic flow control and other applications


GTronix Novel analog technology to extract real-world sensory information
Jacket Micro Devices Cost-effective high-performance packaging for wireless products


Vivonetics Enabling the visualization of gene expression in living cells


Qcept Semiconductor wafer inspection for surface chemical defects


CardioMEMS Wireless sensing and communication technology for the human body