Application for I-Corps Sites Program

Please complete this application for the program. After you submit this application, you will hear back from us by email within 2 days. If for some reason you do not get a swift reply, please email Paul Freet at

I-Corps Sites Application

  • A short handle used to differentiate your project. Could be descriptive, or a code name
  • Tell us about what you are working on. Describe the research area and the possible applications for the technology.
  • Does your lab or project have a website we could look at for more information?
  • Where did the research primarily occur. Could be a school or department. For example, Mechanical Engineering, GTRI, College of Computing, etc.
  • Do you have a technical paper that describes the technology you would be interested in commercializing? Please upload it with this application.
  • Include airfare, hotel, event registration and transportation. Add $45/day for a per diem. Note: we can only pay for access to the show floor to talk to customers and other companies, not conference sessions.
  • Team Member 1

  • Team Member 2

  • Team Member 3