Application for I-Corps Sites Program

Please complete this application for the program. After you submit this application, you will hear back from us by email within 2 days. If for some reason you do not get a swift reply, please email Paul Freet at

Are you applying for travel funds for Mobile World Congress or the Consumer Electronic Show? Applications must be received by Friday December 1. We will announce who was selected on Wednesday December 6. Do not include a budget. We will provide $3,000 per person selected for Mobile World Congress and $1,500 per team for Consumer Electronic Show. Be sure to tell us which shows you are interested in. Hopefully both!

I-Corps Sites Application

  • A short handle used to differentiate your project. Could be descriptive, or a code name
  • Tell us about what you are working on. Describe the research area and the possible applications for the technology. What is your idea around a possible research startup?
  • Tell us about what you hope to accomplish at Mobile World Congress or Consumer Electronic Show.
  • Does your lab or project have a website we could look at for more information?
  • Where did the research primarily occur. Could be a school or department. For example, Mechanical Engineering, GTRI, College of Computing, etc.
  • Do you have a technical paper that describes the technology you would be interested in commercializing? Please upload it with this application.
  • Team Member 1

  • Team Member 2

  • Team Member 3